Hi, I’m Tina

I work with Mid Life Professionals who are seeking a happier more fulfilling working life.

You may be questioning your identity, your capabilities or what you really want from your career and life.  Life happens and career situations change, which challenges our expectations and beliefs on how things “should be”.

Would you like to be more confident, to have more clarity or self-belief, less overwhelm, doubt or feeling stuck? Would you like to have a more positive, aligned view of your future?

This is the time to pause and rebalance before moving forward.

Why Human Decisions?

For me, Human Decisions are when your Head, Heart and Gut are aligned. If your heart isn’t in it, or you know in your gut that something isn’t right, you are unlikely to feel fulfilled or happy in what you are doing.

My whole person approach supports this alignment, reframing your internal narrative, so that you can make long lasting, positive changes professionally and personally.

Own and believe in your uniqueness and move forward in ways you currently can’t imagine. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.

Self-Awareness is the foundation to a happier more fulfilling life, and a successful career.

To find out how I can help you rebalance and move forward in ways you currently can’t imagine.

I felt extremely supported during my sessions with Tina, who created a space where I felt that I was able to be completely open and vulnerable. In many ways Tina helped to pick me up at a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed and “stuck” in my current role.ED