Human Decisions, founded by Tina Neve, helps women make Conscious Career Choices and create more fulfilling lives!

Owning our strengths, expertise, values and understanding what truly drives and motivates us enables us to view our current situation and past career with a fresh perspective.

This self-knowledge and clarity of thought breeds the confidence to explore a wider range of options for the future, step forward and take control.


Our work life and potential career moves are often impacted by events at work and in our person lives that knock us off course, preventing us from achieving our potential.

Using a whole-person approach Human Decisions will support you through a tailored career coaching process, embracing your personal circumstances, values and motivations.

It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live. – Mae Jemison

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I had never considered executive or career coaching until I found myself in a swirl of change and opportunity at work.   Tina has been able to cut through all the noise for me, allowing me to make sense of the opportunities on offer.  In just a few short weeks, my career landscape has transformed.  I am energised and performing at my highest level.

Tina is a great listener whose natural warmth and empathy combine with a wellspring of experience.  Tina’s seemingly limitless toolkit of techniques has helped me to understand what I really want from my career.  Working together, we have identified opportunities that I could not see before.  I cannot recommend Tina too highly as a trusted guide in the sometimes choppy seas of career management.   I now plan to have regular sessions with Tina to support my continued career growth.


Head of Legal – Financial Services

I engaged in career coaching with Tina during my first month in a new role of Associate HR Director in order to optimise my first 100 days in post and to refresh my 5 year plan.

The techniques and models in the sessions have been invaluable in giving clarity of thought to my current situation and in setting myself SMART goals for this, and future, roles. I better understand my core values and strengths, and as a result feel well equipped to thrive in this role and succeed in interviews for future roles.

As a coach I found Tina to be professional and personable, empathetic but challenging, and completely dedicated to meeting her client’s needs.

I initially thought I would have 2/3 sessions with Tina but have no doubt that I will be seeing her again and recommending her service to colleagues.

Associate HR Director – NHS Trust

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