My Journey

Long journeys are seldom straight-forward and mine has been no different. After diversions, meanders, upsets, dilemmas and heartaches, all roads seem to converge,  and I made the decision to set up human decisions.

Our work is not separate from, but part of who we are, so our unique personal journeys and inner voices have an impact along the way.

My career breaks were never planned. I developed arthritis after the birth of my daughter, resulting in a hip replacement in my 30s and three years out of the workplace.  After my father passed away my dear Mum came to live with me, my husband and my daughter.  But within six months she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

I decided to leave work to care for her at home and both parents passed away within 18 months of each other.   If there was ever a time to think, ‘it’s now or never’, this was it, so I focussed on developing an idea into reality.

I am also the daughter of someone who had bi-polar through out their life.  I have seen the impact of mental health on the individual and experienced the effects on the wider family. It has also had a profound effect on me, shaped my view of the world and influenced how I treat people.

The reason for telling you this isn’t to demonstrate my resilience or ability to battle through adversity, but to demonstrate that life is messy, and we all need to manage a range of issues and events that are not work related.  I believe that being human and treating each other with kindness and understanding is more important now than ever before.

Throughout my career I have supported women who have been unsure what to do next; who want a different work life balance; lack confidence following maternity leave or a career break, or who are navigating a job search for the first time in their careers.

I have also come across many women who want or need to work until retirement, but are looking for more fulfilling work, or are more ambitious now than they were early in their 20s.

My passion and the reason I created human decisions is to support and enable working women to make positive, confident career decisions that reflect who they truly are and their unique personal journey and circumstances.

As Michelle Obama famously said: There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

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