How do you want to feel on Friday? It’s time to plan for feelings

Well we don’t just work to get through a pile of activities each week. For work to be fulfilling it needs to be purposeful and have meaning, which is linked to how we feel…

There’s a difference between looking to get through the week and consciously thinking about how you want to feel on Friday.

On a Monday, I consider what I will do in the week ahead, not what I hope to do but what I intend to do. There is a difference. Hopes can so easily drift from week to week.

I then look at my diary and schedule appropriate time slots.  I also colour code my activities, which for some may be taking it a bit too far, making sure there is time for self-care, development, catching up with reading and spending time with friends and family.  Choose whatever it is that you intend to include in your week. If you don’t schedule these activities, time will not miraculously appear in your diary!

If you do not have sufficient time, then you have some decisions to make: 

  • Is this a one-off week and you are prepared to work extra hours etc.
  • Can you rearrange some activities to be completed next week?
  • Do you need to discuss the situation internally?

If the first option is your go to and the other options feel too uncomfortable, then you may want to consider your boundaries and how it would feel if were able to either say no or to honestly say that you are not able to do that piece of work until tomorrow or perhaps next week.

Finally, I consider how I want to feel on Friday, yes FEEL.  To give you a flavour, this week I want to feel happy that I have completed an key piece of work and I want to feel satisfied that I am prepared for a project that starts next week.  I also want to feel content with what I have accomplished.  Wanting to achieve these feelings keeps me motivated and prevents me succumbing to distractions.

Obviously the unexpected can happen during the week,  which may throw your plans up in the air! But this process is adjustable and enables you to consciously make choices understanding the impact it will have on your work, the time you have allocated for yourself and your feelings.

How do you want to feel on Friday?

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