You have so much to take into 2022

January is not a blank sheet, a time to start over, because you have SO MUCH to take into the New Year.

I know the last year (two years) may have thrown your plans and intentions up in the air as well as posing unexpected scenarios that you could not have imagined at the beginning of 2019.

It is so easy to fall into the mindset that you just want to get this year over and done.

But by doing that you are missing out on one of the most powerful activities for personal growth and increased performance. Whilst learning through experience is important, research shows that reflecting on your experience is the most powerful component.  Taking the time to intentionally think about what has happened.

Reflecting on 2022

I believe this should be approached, as much as possible, with open minded curiosity and no self-judgement.  Without labelling or judging anything right or wrong, good or bad.

When it comes to 2021, I am sure you have had many experiences that you may view as either positive or negative, but in each of those there is the opportunity to explore how you reacted, responded, grew, changed, adapted or shifted your opinions as a result.

These reflections may take time. That is why now is a great time, the lull between Christmas and the New Year to reflect before you chose your goals and intentions for 2022. You have so much learning to bring with you, do not leave it behind.

I find that asking questions prompts thoughts and insights, rather than just responding to headings.  I sometimes end up asking more detailed questions once I start scribbling away.  Find some quiet time, just for you, where you will not be disturbed.

What went well for you this year?

Try not to consider an external definition of ‘well’ or compare yourself to others.  This could be something that you achieved despite all the upheaval of the year.  It maybe something that was straight forward, own it all the same.  Achievements do not have to be accompanied by hard work, long hours, sweat and tears.

What didn’t go so well for you this year?

Try not to be to judgemental or critical, this is about being objective and honest.  DO NOT use this as an opportunity to beat yourself up.  This question highlight areas of development for the year ahead, either professional or personal that you would like to explore.

What beliefs or assumptions have shifted?

With the upheaval and changes of the last 18 month have any of your thoughts about work, success and career changed?  Have some of your thoughts and assumptions been challenged?  If so, it is important to be curious and take time consider the implications.  How will any shifts affect future decisions?

What enabled you to navigate this year?
Do not underestimate your “how”!  What unique qualities and attributes enabled you to manage the situations that arose this year.  You how will be completely different to anyone else and is your key differentiator.  What you do naturally without thinking about it? 

TIP – You may want to start a new journal for 2022 with your 2021 reflections.  Whenever you are planning a journey, in this case a pathway through 2022, you need a departure point.  This will give you your own unique career starting point for the year ahead.

Goal Setting for 2022

When considering your goals for 2022, they need to be YOURS.

Your business, department and role may have goals for next year, but when it comes to you, they need to be about what you want and mean something to you.

Goals, both short term and long term, are important as they trigger new behaviours, help guide your focus and support you to maintain momentum.

Take time to consider, what you really want? How would you like things to be for you?

Yes, its all about you!  To start with you may find that you write about what you don’t want but try to steer clear of this thought loop if you can. It can also be hard put others, external influences, and comparisons to one side, but this is your career, your life.  

Visualise what it would mean to you if you achieved these goals? How will you feel?

Let go, close your eyes let your mind free to create a vision of you reaching your goals.  How what will you be hearing, seeing?  What will you be feeling, not just emotionally but bodily as well?

What will the impact be on your life?

This is a vital question to ask yourself.  If you get the promotion, reduce your working hours, keep to your boundaries, change careers,  create a better work life fit that works for you.  Your life and career is intertwined and your goals should have a positive impact.     

When goals have meaning and are aligned to your values you are more likely to be committed, to own your goals and take responsibility for taking the action necessary.  

Meaningful goals are not box ticking exercises, they pull you forward, enabling you to navigate difficulties and frustrations to make meaningful change in your life. 

They need to be stretching enough without being too easy. 

Reaching for your goals, the path, the decisions,  the pauses, and the resets will be also journey of personal growth.   One that you will reflect on at the end of 2022!

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

Wishing you a successful 2022 on your terms, being your amazing unique self.

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