Do Goals Scare You?

Does all the talk about New Year Goals and colourful Vision Boards trigger you?

I’ve been there in the past.  I’ve moaned, groaned, and sighed in my head.  So many internal stories.

What are yours?

Are they about you, your capabilities, your view of yourself?

Are they about your circumstances?

The thing we are all on our own paths that are unique to us.

Your path at this time may only need small, short terms, or simple goals that mean a lot to you.

Just one goal.  Being able to imagine how you would feel once you achieved it and setting yourself small milestones to take you there is so powerful.

It is far more powerful than a page of grand intentions that a buried in a drawer.

You will be amazed the change a few steps forward can make.

Ultimately you will be different place than where you are now.

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