About Tina

Throughout my career supporting women at times of transition or uncertainty, it is seldom the practicalities of the situation that are the issue.  There is the is surface level “what’s going on?” and then there is “what’s really going on?”. This is where feelings and emotions have a massive part to play. The most important relationship we will every have is the one with ourselves!

The phrase ‘Work Life Balance’ doesn’t accurately describe the complexities of how our work is intertwined with our lives.  Our career, our job and where we work are part of our identity and how we relate to ourselves.  Despite being one and the same person at home and at work, many of us contort ourselves into a different shape to fit a work situation that is not in alignment with who we really are. 

Whilst education, training and development provide us with a wealth of opportunity to develop our skill sets, the one area that is frequently missing is learning about ourselves – what makes us tick, that sense of who we are and being comfortable with who we are. 

 Having a successful career doesn’t mean you have to stop being you!  Trying to be someone else is painful and exhausting.

Finding My Purpose

My purpose has emerged from a lifetime of experience and events that came together at a pivotal time.  

My Mum was diagnosed with a terminal condition in 2018, it was at this point I hit an emotional brick wall and work became impossible.  I have supported people managing their careers during low times in their lives, but I had never reached rock bottom myself.   

The road back to work after my Mum passed away wasn’t easy.  When I eventually looked forward at the blank sheet in front me, I realised that all my experiences to date put me in an ideal situation to support women who wanted to refresh and reframe their own careers. I then started my 5th career as a Career Development Expert.

My purpose is to have a positive impact on the working lives and emotional wellbeing of women.

Read more on how I live my purpose, HERE.

What qualifies me to help you…

The story began early in my career when I supported young people entering the workforce running a YTS scheme (if you have ever heard of YTS!)  Fast forward to 2019, I became a Career Development Coach following 30 years working within Executive Search and Human Resources.  

I have been fortunate to have worked with a variety of organisations, from small start-ups, to public sector organisations to well known global brands.   I experienced the dot.com bubble bursting and the after effects of the financial crash in 2008.

As a result, I bring insight, wisdom, perspective, and expertise from all sides of career development and an understanding of how organisations work.

My career, like many others, has not been straight forward and following a period of ill health mid-career I qualified as a Lecturer.  I experienced first hand the impact of the our education system on the aspirations of young people entering the workforce.

More importantly, these early experiences can have a lasting impact on how we think about ourselves throughout our working lives.  The “what’s really going on?” issues can sometimes be traced back to how we felt about ourselves at that time.

Education is important of course but young people are far more than their qualifications, so are you.  

“What we know matters but who we are matters more.” Brené Brown

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What makes me different …

  • I take an holistic, empathic approach, understanding that one size does not fit all. Your emotional wellbeing is a the heart of what I do.
  • I understand all sides of Career Develop, from recruitment through to outplacement.
  • As an HR professional I have supported organisations to hire and develop their talent.
  • As a Recruitment Professional I have interviewed 100’s of women at a transition point in their careers and worked with 100s of organisations from start ups to FTSE 100 global organisations.
  • As a Lecturer I supported young women as they prepared to start their working lives.
  • As a women I have had 4 career changes, whilst being a wife, mother, having a career break due to ill health and caring for my mother-in-law and parents.
  • I cut through the vast array of career advice out there – type career advice into google and you get about 2,910,000,000 results!  
  • I lift the lid on what is really going on and help you identify those key elements that will enable you to move forward.
  • I provide you with an eye-opening insider’s guide to recruitment process.

“Tina is a great listener whose natural warmth and empathy combine with a wellspring of experience. Tina’s seemingly limitless toolkit of techniques has helped me to understand what I really want from my career.  Working together, we have identified opportunities that I could not see before” BR


  • BA Hons Business Studies
  • Licensed Career Coach – Award Winning Training Program with Career Counselling Services,  Accredited by the Association of Coaching.
  • MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching at UEL (2019-2021), Accredited by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  This course is unique and the only postgraduate course in the UK that offers integration of counselling and coaching practices.

Finally I believe in life long learning and have a constantly curious mind, which I bring to my work.