Career Clarity Program

I know you want to move forward; you want something different from your career and working life.  But you are not sure where to start or you are doubting your thoughts.

The best foundation for making decisions about your career and your future is owning your capabilities, skills and experience and understanding your values and strengths.   Understanding what makes you tick!

This is not about being arrogant, superior, a know-it-all or bragging.  This is about reframing your internal narrative, overcoming any blocks or limiting beliefs, and making long lasting changes. Self awareness is key to managing the complexities and uncertainties of the world of work.

My Career Clarity Program supports you, so you leave…

  • With a new sense of who you are, what makes you tick and how this relates to your career.  This information literally changes lives!
  • With the confidence to talk about what you bring to the table with head and heart aligned.  When you are being authentically you, this is so much easier.
  • Understanding where you can flourish and grow, making conscious choices to take your career in the right direction. 
  • This foundation of self-knowledge will enable you to manage a range of situations from a position of strength.

My Career Clarity Program is for you if…

  • You know you can do more, have more and be more, but you feel stuck and trapped in your current situation.
  • Where you are is familiar, but you know deep down that it is not the right environment for you, but you don’t want to rock the boat to makes things better.
  • Your work isn’t satisfying. You are capable of doing your current role and getting results but you are not using all of your capabilities or being challenged, or your role is has moved you away from what you enjoy.
  • To the outside world, you look as though you have a good career and should be content and  getting on with it.   How do you even start to explain to others how you are feeling?  

If reading this resonates, you are in the right place.

Your Investment

  • 3 x 1-hour sessions
  • Email with insights and feedback following each session
  • £450 (inc.VAT)

In addition, you will need to commit time between our sessions to reflect and consider what we discussed and prepare for the next session.  

When you are yourself, the magic happens in your career (and life)

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to benefit from career coaching sessions with Tina. After only a few sessions, I had a better grasp on my core skills and values, which had previously been a source of confusion.’ – VT

How To book

If you are ready to gain Career Clarity to help you understand yourself on a deeper level arrange an initial FREE Career Chat so that we can get to know one another and get the first date in the diary.