My Approach

My whole-person approach is based on four-phases, which can be adapted to your own needs, situation and circumstances.  To be our best at work it is crucial that it fits with who we are and other aspects of our lives…

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Know yourself

This preparatory phase enables you to address two fundamental questions:  “What do I want?” and “Who am I today?” 

This is achieved by working together through relevant exercises which will enable you to focus on your skills, motivation, values, career drivers and what environments enable you to thrive.

Fresh perspective

The information from above will enable to view your current situation, and past career, with greater understanding and perspective.   This clarity will enable you to create your own “My Career Essentials” template, a clear outline of what you need to have in your working life to thrive. 

Ideas & Options

The benefit of creating your “My Career Essentials” template is that will enable to you to explore ideas and opportunities with more confidence and certainty.

With greater confidence of what you want, exploring and visioning what your future may look like opens a wider range of options for you to consider.  

Decisions & Actions

Having considered a range of options we will now work together to assess their suitability and practicality. This may require you to undertake some additional research and exploration, talking to employers and contacts who know about your areas of interest.  When you have made a decision, we will devise an appropriate action plan and practical next steps that will enable to you to achieve your goal.