Tina Neve

Throughout my career I have supported women seeking to make a change in their working lives. I have worked with individuals within a range of industry sectors, including FTSE 100 organisations, and understand how culture, organisation change and transformation can impact individuals, and how events in our personal lives affect our perspective on our work and careers.

Tina Neve

I understand work is an important part of who we are and when we are not fulfilled in what we do, don’t have enough flexibility, are not appreciated or are feeling stuck it can have a significant effect on the rest of our lives and those around us.

Now that retirement for many women is likely to be 67+, it is crucial that we develop careers that are rewarding and relevant, whatever our stage of life.

My approach is open, engaging and holistic, providing a trusting space to focus on you in a world full of time pressures and distractions.

Using thought provoking questions and appropriate tools I will help you reconnect with your true motivations and values.   Through a tailored approach I will support you to translate your hopes and aims into clear goals and actions that will enable you to achieve a fulfilling work life.

Career coaching is not always easy requiring commitment and collaboration but working together the results can be truly transformational.

I am a licensed Career Coach (Career Counselling Services accredited by the Association of Coaching), Associate Member of the Association of Coaching,  Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and abide by a global code of ethics.